Sensodyne Deep Clean Toothpaste, 100g


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Sensodyne Deep Clean Toothpaste, 100g gives lasting freshness and an advanced cleaning. It is a medically proven and recommended daily use toothpaste for improving dental health care. It gets rid of cavities and plaque providing you relief from pain and sensitivity. It decreases the chances of bacteria harming your teeth and gums by forming a protective layer over damaged openings to bony tissues of your teeth. It is formulated to not only cleanse the teeth and make them bright and white but also leave the breath fresh all day long.

Product Features
Gives a long-lasting protection against sensitivity and pain
Available in 100g tube
Foam boost technology that gives advanced cleaning and whitens your teeth
Recommended by top rated dentists all around the world for effective results
Helps reduce plaque and cavities
Clinically proven
Benefits as your regular toothpaste

About the Manufacturer
Sensodyne Deep Clean Toothpaste, 100g is a dental care product launched by Sensodyne. Sensodyne is a UK-based brand of toothpaste and mouthwash designed for people with sensitive teeth. It is owned by GlaxoSmithKline and, in Japan, it is marketed under the name Shumitect. Its first toothpaste was marketed in 1961 as a desensitizing toothpaste containing a strontium chloride formulation. A toothpaste having potassium nitrate, a gentle local sedative, was launched by Sensodyne in 1980.

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