Pears Transparent Soap With Lemon Flower Extracts, 125g


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Required glowing as well as naturally attractive skin? Try Pears Transparent Soap With Lemon Flower Extracts, 125g and also get an immediate clean wash. The soap is abundant in lemon flower essences that supply a natural, oil-free radiance to your skin. It additionally contains other all-natural active ingredients that nurture your skin delicately. It secures your skin’s all-natural dampness and also keeps it moist and also moisturized with the help of pure glycerin. Its non-comedogenic nature protects pores from clogging because of dirt, oil, and also other skin-damaging aspects existing in the external atmosphere. You can have clear and also clean beautiful skin by utilizing it daily.

Product Features
Lemon Flower Extracts– provides your skin an oil-free glow
Consists Of Pure Glycerin– keeps your skin hydrated
Locks skin minerals and also natural richness
Made with a distinct formula that secures pores from clogging
Hypo-allergenic– safe to use for sensitive and delicate skin kind
Readily available in 125g bar

Pears transparent soap is a UK based brand of soap founded by Andrew Pears in 1807. It was the world’s first translucent soap that was mass-marketed. It brought several innovations in marketing and sales. The brand was acquired by Lever Brothers, now Unilever in 1917. Currently, the products by this brand are manufactured only in India and exported to other countries. The first soap by Pears was created using an entirely different process than the one used for other soaps. It had a blend of tallow and other fats that was added with soap to turn it into soap.

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