Nivea Cocoa Butter Dry Skin Body Lotion, With Deep Moisture Serum, 400ml


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Take care of your skin with Nivea Cocoa Butter Dry Skin Body Lotion, With Deep Moisture Serum, 400ml for dry to very dry skin. It is packed with almond oil that nourishes and repairs the skin from damage caused by the external atmosphere and harsh, dry weather. It gives softness to the rough skin and deeply moisturizes it with its deep moisture serum. With the Hydra IQ formula, it keeps the skin smooth and hydrated all day long. It amplifies the skin’s condition, especially in the dry seasons by providing different natural essentials such as almond oils, etc. Nurture the skin with quality nourishing lotion and stay active and healthy all the time without worries.

Product Benefits
Available in 400ml pump bottle
Deep Moisture Serum that deeply moisturizes the skin
Softens the rough and dry skin
Hydra IQ formula that keeps the skin hydrated
Gives smoothness to the dry skin
Nourishes and repairs the damaged skin

Nivea is a German based brand of personal care that specializes in body-care. It is owned by Beiersdorf Global AG which is a Hamburg-based company. It was founded by Paul Carl Beiersdorf in 1882 and was sold to Oscar Troplowitz in 1890. The brand name Nivea is derived from a Latin adjective meaning “snow-white.” The success of Nivea is a result of outstanding creativity, brilliant research, and sound business acumen.

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