Just For Men Moustache Beard Color M 35, Medium Brown


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The shade of your beard looks different than the color of your hair as a result of grey hair? It requires a little grooming. With just For Men Moustache Beard Colour M 35 Medium Brown, dyeing your facial hair shade is most likely to be a simple 5-minute task for you. This is a medium-brown color that includes dimension to your beard having little to moderate grey patches. Blend the white away forever with user-friendly brush-in thick gel as well as achieve a younger look with a fuller, thicker beard. Produced to provide your beard a beneficial treatment as well, chamomile, vitamin E, and aloe vera leave the facial hair soft and also much less bristly. The tinting results might differ due to the all-natural shade of facial hair. It is a brush-in gel formula made just for crude face hair.

Just For Men Moustache Beard Colour M 35, Medium Brown is a simple and rapid way to keep your facial hair looking its ideal. It keeps your facial hair looking well-groomed. It features a makeover, yet the same terrific outcomes. Just For Men Moustache Beard Colour M 35, Medium Brown is beard tinting that makes eliminating grey facial hair simple. Unlike other dyes, this beard color is formulated specifically for coarse facial hair. Gets rid of gray for a thicker as well as fuller appearance.

Product Features
Brush-in application – takes only 5 minutes
Contains conditioning contents – leaves facial hair soft and manageable
Convenient brush-in application
Provides a fuller and thicker beard look

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