Gillette Mach3 Cartridges Razor Blades 4Pack


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Gillette Mach3 Cartridges Razor Blades 4Pack are manufactured for a closer shave, without all the redness of the skin. The tenth shave with a Mach3 feels better than the first shave with a new disposable blade. Its skin guard helps stretch the skin in order to prepare the hair to be cut. The replacement blades are compatible with all of the Mach3 razor handles. For an ideal Gillette shave protection and results, complete the shave with Gillette Mach3 smooth shave gel.

Gillette Mach3 Cartridges, Razor Blades, 4-Pack is a modern new triple-blade shaving system for the closest shave ever in fewer strokes and with less irritation. The open cartridge architecture is manufactured for effortless rinsing. Each cartridge has patented DLC comfort edges on the blades and the blue lubricating strip fades when time to replace. From oral and skin care to home applications, Gillette products touch lives across the Globe each and every day.

Precision Trimmer on back, great for edging tough areas (nose and sideburns)
Enhanced skin guard stretches your skin to prepare your hair to be cut
Gel strip glides protects your skin from redness
3 DuraComfort blades for long-lasting comfort
Fits all Mach3 razors

Want to enhance your shave experience? Follow these instructions and experience yourself:
All Mach3 razor blades can be used with all of the Mach3 razors.
Begin the shave with a Gillette Series Pre-Shave Scrub and finish the shave with a Gillette Series After Shave Balm.

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