Garnier Skin Active Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask-6g


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Garnier Skin Active Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask-6g is enriched with orange juice and hyaluronic acid which is a perfect solution for reducing appearance of eye bags and dark circles. It has a skin cooling hydration effect that takes away the weariness from the eyes in just 15 minutes. It works great for dull and tired eye contours.
Garnier Skin Active Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask with its vitamin C and hyaluronic acid elements in the formula make your eye area look more refreshed, brighter and more awake. To apply the mask the right way, take the mask out and unfold it. Separate the patches from the protective film and gently put the patches on cleansed skin. Make sure the mask is completely in contact with the skin, adjusting the patches to the targeted under eyes. Remove the mask after 15 minutes to unmask the soft, smooth and supple under eye skin.
These masks are crafted with ultra-thin tissue which when placed on the skin gives a blast of hydration that is equivalent to 1 week and you unmask bouncier, smoother, and healthier looking skin within only 15 minutes.
It works like a hydration wrap that diffuses all the effectiveness of the serum continuously to intensely hydrate your skin. Its superb freshness comforts and quenches skin instantly giving you some pure moments of absolute pampering.

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