Framesi Straightening System Hair Straightening Cream-280ml Strong


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Do you want to do hair straightening, eliminate frizz in a completely safe way? With Framesi Straightening System Hair Cream-280ml you can get the guarantee of a gentle hair treatment on any type of hair. Framesi Straightening System Hair Straightening Cream, Strong, 280ml by Framesi is the straightening treatment for resistant or very resistant hair.

Framesi Straightening System Hair Straightening Cream, Strong, 280ml has a high safety, formaldehyde-free straightening out system that assists hair to acquire new texture with a short processing time. It removes frizz, leaving hair streamlined, smooth, and much more manageable. The Framesi Straightening System allows you to create structure by refining natural swirls with relaxing, curl reduction, as well as redirection of all-natural growth patterns. It has a lower pH than conventional relaxers, enabling you to produce spectacular impacts while maintaining the honesty of the hair.

The cream comes with the latest Hydro-Care Complex system that keeps hair shiny, soft and protected.
Hydro-Care Complex Contains:
Organic camellia oil, that helps the lipophilic part of your hair to remain shiny, soft, and hydrated.
Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins made from rice and soy, with an amino acid composition with different molecular weight and similar to keratin.

Framesi Straightening System Strong
Framesi Straightening System Hair Straightening Cream, Strong, 280ml includes soy proteins and hydrolyzed vegetables.

Product Features
Strong for resistant, coarse hair
extra strong, scented formula with silicones and a neutralizing cream

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