Dr Rashel cleansing mousse



Dr Rashel cleansing mousse provides your skin with natural actives, amplifying firmness, visibly decreasing wrinkles depth and delivering instant hydration. It also makes a rich lather to gently clean your face and remove excess oil. Furthermore, it improves your skin luster and elasticity, decreasing wrinkles over a course of time.

About Manufacturer
Hyaluronic Acid Essence Micellar Cleansing Water is a skincare product launched by Dr. Rashel. Dr Rashel is one of the most well reputed skin care brands operating in Pakistan that offers 100% original products to the satisfaction of its customers. It was founded in Dubai in 2000. In the beginning, it has solely been a perfume brand deducing the apogee of elegance, luxury and happiness by natural beauty and natural skin care.
Dr Rashel cleansing mousse reduces the skin discomfort caused by blemish, moist elastic touch after cleansing and increases the skin translucence. It also mildly removes foreign objects.

cleanse make-up and dirt
Deep clean
improve acne and pore
Clear pore
help skin metabolization
Balance and condition oil secretion
Improve antibacterial capacity ,
prevent acne and breakouts
Tighten skin
Refine pore size
Soothe moisture

Directions to Use
Keep your hands and face dry .Next, press the bottle three times to get the adequate amount of mousse and apply it on your face .Gently massage your entire face. You may add water to emulsify the mousse, and rinse.


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