Doctor Advanced Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, 55ml


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Doctor Advanced Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, 55ml is the ideal solution for germ-free, moisturized hands on-the-go. They counter most of the typical germs and keep the hands soft and clean and with a selection of seasonal aromas. You get lightly fragranced and cleanliness hands, and all this without having to take help from water. This makes this sanitizer the defence against dangerous germs, anywhere, anytime. It also tends to be less harmful to your skin because it is infused with emollients.

Doctor Advanced Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, 55ml is convenient to apply and come in easy-to-carry sizes, especially when water and soap are not accessible. You can use it before eating lunch at a restaurant or while having some kind of street food. It’s also a fine way to keep the hands cleaned and sanitized after touching currency notes, bus handles, toilet doors, and various other surfaces that are hotbeds of harmful germs such as life threatening viruses. Kids can carry it to their schools and you can be assured that they are safeguarded from dangerous microorganisms before eating food, especially where the chance of them washing their hands without supervision is quite low.

Doctor brands come under the portfolio of Anfords, a consumer goods company that understands and meets consumer needs. At first, it was a pharmaceutical company but in the 1980s, it switched to the production of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. It created its first gel toothpaste with the name of Crystal Toothpaste by the 1990s which was met by a huge success. Doctor Toothpaste was another success in the growing list of quality products by Anfords in 2003.

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