Colgate Total Advanced Health Toothpaste 150g + FREE Toothbrush


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Only 20% of the germs in your mouth are on your teeth, the remaining 80% are on gum tissues, tongue as well as cheeks. Colgate Total Advanced Health Toothpaste 150g + FREE Toothbrush is an antibacterial toothpaste with twin zinc as well as arginine innovation that actively seeks microorganisms and battles germs on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and also gum tissues, providing you Whole Mouth Clean for 12 hours. Colgate Total offers even more advantages than before – assisting prevent cavities, plaque accumulation, tartar gingivitis, formation and level of sensitivity.

Colgate Total Advanced Health Toothpaste 150g + FREE Toothbrush offers you fresh breath, protects your enamel, and removes stains, giving you a healthier, whiter smile Colgate is India’s Most Trusted dental care brand and also is IDA accredited. This tooth paste is 100% vegan, gluten-free as well as sugar-free and properly made.This tooth paste is made in Pakistan, in our manufacturing system that is awarded with True Zero Waste Platinum Certification. You will also get a free Colgate toothbrush with this toothpaste.

Colgate is an American based brand that creates products for oral hygiene such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, toothbrushes and dental floss. The company first started selling oral hygiene products in 1873. Originally, the company was selling soap. At first, Colgate toothpaste was sold in glass jars and didn’t shift to tubes till 1896. It is one of the biggest oral care brands in the world. It is the only brand in the world that is used and trusted by more than half of all households.

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