Colgate Premier Clean Medium Toothbrush


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Colgate Premier Clean Medium Toothbrush assists preserve healthy gums without inflammation. Featuring bi-level bristles that tidy plaque along the gum line and from the tooth surface for an outstanding overall tidy. They assist keep periodontics healthy and balanced by removing plaque as well as dental accumulation for a premium sanitation. The behind also has actually an integrated tongue scrape for best freshness.

Shade: Multi-colored

Product Features
Firm tooth brush.
Built in tongue scraper
Helps maintain healthy gums
Suitable for hard to reach places
Ergonomic handle

Colgate is an American based brand that creates products for oral hygiene such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, toothbrushes and dental floss. The company first started selling oral hygiene products in 1873. Originally, the company was selling soap. At first, Colgate toothpaste was sold in glass jars and didn’t shift to tubes till 1896. It is one of the biggest oral care brands in the world. It is the only brand in the world that is used and trusted by more than half of all households.

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