Clean & Clear Lemon Zesty Scrub, Oil Free, 119g


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A scrub that packs a punch! The Clean & Clear Lemon Zesty Scrub, Oil Free, 119g delicately cleans and also smooths skin, leaving it feeling clean and also delighted.

How it Works
Right here’s exactly how it functions:
It is created with lemon essence and also Vitamin C
This facial scrub also has mild buffing micro-scrubbers that assist to brighten skin-no plastic microbeads, either!
The unique formula helps to lower sparkle, and you can use it on a daily basis

Suitable For
All skin types

First, splash the face with clean water
Next, gently massage the Clean and Clear scrub into the face until you feel nice and fresh
Then, rinse the face with clean running water
Pat face dry
Use daily

Clean & Clear is an American based brand that creates dermatology products. It comes under the umbrella of Johnson & Johnson. Most of the products by Clean & Clear are targeted towards young women and some products are especially designed to treat particular conditions. Today, Clean & Clear is available in over 46 countries. Clean & Clear was established in 1956 and was owned by Revlon. The first product created was a skin cleanser. In 1986, it introduced bar soap and lotions and in 1989 it started manufacturing hair shampoo and conditioner. Revlon sold Clean & Clear to Johnson & Johnson in 1991. The brand name Clean & Clear refers to the fact that its products do not contain dyes or fragrance and they do not leave residue after rinsing. Today, Clean & Clear product lines include shampoos, conditioners and facial skincare products.

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