Dr Rashel 24K Silver VIP Serum


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24K Silver VIP Serum has 24K pure silver, that prevents the skin from drying and keeps it lubricated with instant absorption. It reduces the under-lying source of bleakness.

Moisturize heal fine lines, effective skin care, skin reproduce the glory, and smooth firm skin
Improves skin fine lines, evenly brighten skin, dry lines, moisturize and revitalize the skin
It can quickly infiltration dermis, release of silver active ion, and improves the skin suction by 10 times

Smooth skin
Tighten pores
Brightening skin
Improve skin’s roughness and dullness

Dr Rashel is one of the most well reputed skin care brands operating in Pakistan that offers 100% original products to the satisfaction of its customers. It was founded in Dubai in 2000. In the beginning, it has solely been a perfume brand deducing the apogee of elegance, luxury and happiness by natural beauty and natural skin care. In 2002, it started a “golden life” series of skin care products and ever since that, it has been exuding its boundless imagination of 100% natural skin care with exquisite style. The luxury and glory of Dr. Rashel is a result of high quality raw materials and remarkable craftsmanship. It is rooted in the 100% natural material used in the products.


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