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Mosquito Repellent-Don’t Let those Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer
Nothing is more annoying than getting swarmed by an army of mosquitos when you are trying to have a good balmy summer BBQ or just trying to lie down under the sky to cool off at night. There is a dreaded experience of waking up due to the buzzing of these blood-sucking creatures. It seems as if it is lurking around waiting for you to fall asleep before it comes buzzing near your nose and ears.

Best Active Ingredients to Look For
Repellents are made with both natural ingredients and synthetic chemicals. They are available in a variety of forms such as creams, aerosols, wipes, pump sprays and wearable devices such as bracelets. It depends on the concentration of the active ingredient that determines how long it will be effective for.

Picaridin and Diethyltoluamide (DEET) are the most commonly used active ingredients. They work well for preventing bites. Picaridin is odourless hence many people find it pleasant to use. In the natural ingredients,citronella and melaleuca oil that are extracted from plants are commonly used.

Natural mosquito repellent roll-ons and sprays are thought to be much safer alternatives to the ones made with synthetic chemicals. However, the natural ingredients are not as effective as chemical ones with DEET or picaridin.

Is it Safe to Use Mosquito Repellent?
Mosquito repellents are safe for adults and children older than three months. For babies younger than three months, find the one that is specifically made for children. They are probably the one that have a low concentration of picaridin or DEET.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Mosquito Repellent
Avoid applying pump sprays or aerosols directly to your face. Spray the repellent on your hands first and rub on carefully and evenly avoiding contact with your mouth and eyes.

Apply the repellent evenly on all the exposed areas of your skin. Applying repellent on the clothes and your belongings is not effective.

You might want to reapply frequently if you sweat heavily or go swimming.
Avoid using repellent on the children who are below three months of age. Use netting on cots, prams and their play areas.

Dark clothes and perfumes attract mosquitoes, so you might want to avoid them when you are planning to spend some time in the open.

Think about for how long you need protection. Low concentration repellent work well for short trips outdoors. However, if you are out on a fishing trip or bushwalk, you are going to need repellent with higher-concentration.