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Hair Color for Men and Women – Lose the Inhibition
Let us be honest; we either love or hate our choice of hair color. Nonetheless, people make the bold decision to choose a color for coloring your hair no matter what your age is. But you should consider a few things when selecting a hair color. Although many are already aware of it, the most primary factor to note while selecting a hair color is that the hair color is ammonia-free.

Preventing Horrific Results
Before trying hair coloring, you should begin by doing a strand test on the small section of hair near your neck’s nape. You should apply the color and leave it for the dedicated period as per written on the hair color label or box. It will decide whether the hair color soothes you or not.

Hair Color for Women – The Model Present on the Box
The model present on the box is not trustworthy. Ladies mostly fall into the trap of brands and pick a hair color, assuming that they will also get the same color as the model present on the hair color box. So, don’t make the mistake of trusting the hair color of the model displayed on the box. Usually, the hair color achieved is lighter as compared to what is shown on the picture. It is primarily due to the developer that the boxed hair colors are stronger than the colors used in beauty parlors. It will lighten your hair more than how the lady’s hair looks on the product box.

Hair Texture – Straight or Thick n Curly?
When you are contemplating hair color ideas, you should remember two major things about the hair texture. Coarse, frizzy, and curly hair consumes more hair dye and most likely gets cool colors when you dye it. No matter what color you use, they will have blue undertones and look mildly ashy. Straight hair with medium or fine texture is prone to having warm color when you dye it. Therefore, the hair dye you should get your hands on could have a copper or orange tinge to it.

Never Overlook the Importance of a Fine Hair Conditioner
Touching your hair roots when they grow out is a prime step in maintaining your hair color. This is hard to some extent as the ends of the hair are porous. So, they can get stained when you wash the hair dye off from the roots.

Part by Part
The secret key when dying your hair is to section your hair. In this way, you will avoid the last outcomes in the form of patches. So, with this method, the hair color will have developed the longest on your hair’s back section, which is intensely more blackish than the rest of your hair.

Hair Color for the Boys – Own Your Mane
At HGS Cosmetics online store, there are hair colors for the boys as well. You can find hair colors for men from different renowned brands such as Pantene, Biotique, L ‘Oreal Paris, Beardo, and Himalaya.