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Feeding & Nursing Products to Make Nursing More Comfortable and Easy
When you first start to nurse your newborn, you might find out that it is not as simple as you thought it to be and that is completely normal. You will need some help along the way. Along with having a lactation support person by your side, you are going to need help with some breastfeeding supplies. These items make it far easier and more comfortable to breastfeed and allow you to handle and encounter any breastfeeding challenges.
If you go out shopping for feeding and nursing products, you will find out there is a wide variety of products which can be a bit overwhelming to find the right one that you will actually use. Here is a list of some of the most useful feeding & nursing items you might want to consider buying.

Supportive Nursing Bra
When lactating, breasts might feel heavy and full, especially in the first few weeks after the milk comes in. A nursing bra can provide you with the desired comfort and support. A perfectly fitting nursing bra will relieve strain on your neck and shoulders. Also, these bras have cups that you can unhook and pull down for easier and more convenient access to breasts for nursing. Make sure that your nursing bras are not too tight to avoid mastitis.

Nursing Pillow
A breastfeeding pillow can support your baby by lifting her up to your breast. This pillow is extremely helpful for the mom recovering from C-sections, with large breasts, or for nursing twins. It also makes changing positions a lot easier while breastfeeding, making nursing a lot more comfortable for you. Nursing pillows are also helpful if your baby is annoyed and make him/her comfortable to breastfeed.

Nursing Pads
Nursing pads or breast pads are disc-like pads with extra absorbency that you can place inside the bra to soak up leaks from your breasts. Though not all women leak, it is pretty common especially during the first few months when milk production is adjusting. As leaking can be messy and abundant and it might happen at inopportune times, these nursing pads become lifesavers.

Breast Pump
Breast pumps are used to remove breast milk from your breasts and allow you to collect milk in the containers to feed your baby when you are away. They manage an overabundant milk supply, relieve engorgement or increase your milk supply. It is essential if you are planning on returning to work. It also makes sure that your baby is getting enough milk for growth.

Milk Containers
Milk containers or storage bags are designed to collect and store breast milk. They are essential for anyone who is planning on pumping their milk. These containers can withstand freezing and thawing hence they can store milk for a long period. The containers are available in different types such as food-safe glass containers, breast milk trays and plastic breast milk storage bottles.

Nipple Ointments, Creams, and Lotions
Sore nipples at one time or another are common for nursing moms. Nipple creams, lotions, and ointments come in handy to soothe, moisturize and heal cracked, dry, sore nipples. Nipple creams come in a wide variety. Most popular are lanolin-based nipple creams and many moms find them soothing. There are natural nipple creams which many moms prefer as well.

Breast Shells
These lightweight circular discs are worn inside the bra between feedings. Though they have many potential uses, they are primarily used to correct and draw out flat or inverted nipples.

Nipple Shields
Nipple shields are used by moms when breastfeeding a preemie, nursing a baby who is having difficulties latching on to your breast, or breastfeeding with flat or inverted nipples.