Lifebuoy Care Active Silver Soap-146g

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Delicate skin requires a balance in between protection and also treatment. The unique formula of Lifebuoy Care Active Silver Soap 146g consists of the goodness of milk cream, leaving skin soft as well as smooth. Its advanced formula is developed to be light on fragile skin while keeping it healthy and also helps protect it from bacteria. Its effective formula offers 100% more powerful security from infection-causing stronger bacteria. The effective activ silver formula is a solid bacterium defense formula that penetrates the walls of bacteria to totally destroy them from within. Time to safeguard yourself and your family members with Lifebuoy Care With Activ Silver Soap 146g, the globe’s number 1 selling bacterium protection soap.

Lifebuoy Care With Activ Silver Soap 146g gives 100% more powerful protection from infection-causing germs (according to laboratory test on sign organism as contrasted to soap bar without actives).
Lifebuoy Care With Activ Silver Soap 146g is accepted by the imperial society for public health, Pakistan
With activ silver formula which is the effective bacterium protection formula to fight against stronger germs
Safeguards you and your member of the family from bacteria that create typical ailments and infections like flu, coughing, cold, skin infections, rashes, and stomach infections
Lifebuoy, world’s number 1 selling bacterium defense soap

About Manufacturer
Lifebuoy is an England based brand of soaps by Unilever. It was introduced by Lever Brothers in 1895. Originally, Lifebuoy was a carbolic soap for most of its history. Initially, its products contained phenol (carbolic acid which is a compound extracted from coal tar). Today, all the items offered by Lifebuoy are free of phenol. By the mid of 20th century, different varieties were introduced such as the coral-coloured Lifebuoy and Lifebuoy Minty Refresher that didn’t have medicinal carbolic smell. Its soaps became popular in America and the UK within no time. Later, Lifebuoy extended its market to other parts of the world including EU, Brazil, Caribbean, South and SouthEast Asia.

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